Family Offices

McIntire Real Estate Inc. (“MRE”) has been working with Family Offices, Multi-Family Offices, and high net worth individuals since its inception. MRE has carved out a strong niche by providing tailored services to a broad range of needs, which most family businesses desire. MRE uses a strategic approach to not only customize a plan of action but to also facilitate a working relationship with the existing vendors and professionals already in place. MRE does not have a minimum net worth requirement at this time and we continue to help family businesses acquire more, manage less, and build their portfolio in order to maximize revenue and assets. Whether it is a simple task of running comps on an investment condo you are looking to refinance or a complex and strategic plan of restructuring the entire portfolio, we can work with your legal council and your accounting team to determine the best course of action for you.

MRE is currently working with small family businesses whom are just getting started with building their net worth by purchasing investment property and we are working with large family offices whom we manage tens of millions of dollars in assets and work with their CPA’s, professional agents, financial advisors, and more to grow their business to the next level.


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